About Us

Pro Activities, we are Physical Therapy and Exercise Specialists.

Brian Ramona, LPT


Brian earned his physical therapy degree from Cleveland State University in 1990 and has worked as a full-time licensed physical therapist ever since. He has practiced in a wide range of physical therapy settings during his 28-year career, including acute, geriatric, home health, neuromuscular, orthopedic, and sports medical rehabilitation. As a result of these experiences, Brian has evolved into an extraordinarily versatile, well-rounded clinician.

In early 2007, Brian was at a crossroads. His professional bona fides were by then indisputable. After all, he had built several thriving physical therapy practices, literally from scratch, for other health care entities. Despite his impressive accomplishments, Brian aimed even higher. He knew that he could create maximum value for physical therapy patients only by working on his own. Less than six months later, in August 2007, Brian opened the doors at Pro-Activities.

Andrea Ramona

Clinic Administrator; Director of Operations

Andrea’s 16-year career in medical administration spans her entire adult life. She began her career in 2002 as the office manager of a thriving cardiology practice. Her job description at the firm encompassed both managerial and medical assisting responsibilities. In 2006, Andrea became the office director of a comprehensive rehabilitation clinic operated by a licensed physical therapist, a medical doctor, and a doctor of orthopedic medicine. During her tenure at this clinic, she gained additional valuable experience related to billing, workers compensation, personal injury, and many other medical administrative matters.

Andrea was named Clinical Administrator and Director of Operations at Pro-Activities in 2009, which she considers by far the most challenging and rewarding position of her already distinguished career in the medical profession.

We offer:


One-on-One Care

You receive uninterrupted care with a single therapist. At Pro-Activities, the same therapist, who fully understands your needs and concerns, guides you through your treatment and works with you, each time you visit the clinic.

State of the Art Techniques

Pro-Activities features the most up to date techniques, modalities, and equipment.  You can be confident that you’re receiving the highest quality PT services available. Our facility and innovative equipment, provides you with endless opportunities to increase your overall level of health and wellness.

Personalized Treatment Plans

We educate you throughout the process, so that you understand all aspects of your treatment-from the first visit to discussion of your post-discharge regimen.  By treating the whole patient, we identify and correct underlying causes of your pain or injury, and effectively prevent its recurrence.

A Community

We create a caring and supportive environment, made up of patients and staff. Rehabilitation is about more than just treatment, it’s also about where you go, and Pro-Activities is a place where people fit in.