Physical Therapy Services

One of the best-kept secrets in healthcare, a physical therapist is a licensed health care professional that specializing in the evaluation, assessment, and treatment of people with functional limitations. They utilize a variety of treatment methods to help restore lost function and reverse physical impairments.   Physical therapists play an essential role in the overall health of the community.
An effective physical therapy treatment plan:
• Relieves your pain
• Educates you and helps you take control of your health
• Improves your strength and balance
• Increases your range of motion and flexibility
• Improves your athletic performance
• Helps you feel better.
Is physical therapy right for you?

Are you experiencing pain due to:
• Arthritis
• Back problems
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Fibromyalgia
• Migraines
• Knee osteoarthritis
• Foot and ankle problems
• Work injury

Are you recovering from:
• An automobile accident
• A stroke
• Surgery
• A sports injury

Are you experiencing symptoms such as:
• Weakness and fatigue
• Migraines
• Dizziness
• Decreased function

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