Physical Therapy for a Tennis Injury is a crucial part to any athlete’s recovery.  The injured area, whether it is tennis elbow, or a strained back from tennis, must be nursed back to health and restrengthened so that the muscles are stronger than ever and do not succumb to further injury.


The job of the physical therapist is to do three things after a sport’s related injury.


  1. Decrease pain, and inflammation
  2. Improve movement
  3. Work on restrengthening the injured area  



The first two jobs of the physical therapist, decreasing pain and inflammation, then improving movement is accomplished via cold pack, massage, laser therapy, electrical stimulation, vasopneumatic compression and stretching guided by your  physical therapist.


The last job, restrengthening the injured area, involves strengthening the muscles around the injured area to improve not only strength but balance as well.

The physical therapists at Pro-Activities in Chesterland, Ohio will provide an individualized treatment plan to follow during your physical therapy sessions. Call 440-729-0405 today to start physical therapy!