Arthritis is a common issue as the body continues to age.  This is why many people choose to use physical therapy. A  physical therapist can set you up with a treatment plan that keeps the body loose and reduce pain.

Arthritis is a form of joint disorder that involves inflammation of one or more joints.  Although arthritis is common, it can really disrupt your day giving you pain as you try to go about normal activities.  In this way, physical therapy is recommended to reduce the inflammation of the joint and limit pain.


Arthritis of the knee is likely to develop slowly but the pain can happen suddenly.  If you are having pain, it is recommended to see a doctor right away.  At first, you may notice pain in the morning or after you have been particularly inactive.  Pain may occur as you move from a sitting to a standing position, when you climb stairs, or maybe even when you just go for a walk.


Some people say that in climate weather can affect the knee causing pain. Knee pain is a sign of osteoarthritis.  Along with pain, arthritis of the knee may cause swelling or tenderness.  Chronic inflammation of the knee may not get better with over the counter medication or anti-inflammatory drugs.


Over time the muscles in your knee weaken and can give way, lock, or buckle as you walk.  This can lead to further injury.  This is why physical therapy is recommended for those with arthritis in their knee.  Physical Therapists can you help strengthen your knee so that this buckling does not happen and provide care to your knee to reduce pain and swelling.


Cold packs, exercise, electrical stimulation, and guided massage are all used to help reduce inflammation and pain.  Consistent physical therapy makes it so that you can do your daily normal activities with as little pain as possible. Because the knee is not getting worse with treatment but one is doing all one can to reduce inflammation and tenderness.


The more inflammation is reduced, the less pain there will be and so seeing a physical therapist can help.  The physical therapists at Pro-Activities Physical Therapy specialize in treating osteoarthritis in the knee and work to provide an individualized plan to patients so that pain and inflammation can be vastly reduced. 


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